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Best long distance racing pigeon strain

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Oct 09, 2022 · These include, Glenrory Young Jack GB 19 V 57582 (Lot 1 in the sale), winner of 19 th open INFC Young bird national Penzance 2019, flying a distance of 325 miles at a velocity of 1,294ypm into a Northerly headwind. Other notable breeding successes for “362” for the Glenrory loft are. 6 th National INFC Friendship National St. Malo,. Pigeons 20 results 4 €200 1149234/22 Distance Middle distance Country Belgium Gender Female Year 2000 VINCENT TOMBUS 0497831312 Share this 1 BE11-4240497 "NEYMAR" Distance Extreme long distance Country Belgium Gender Male Year 2011 chris en jan reybroeck 0471085972 Share this 1 geschelpt 086/09 Distance Speed Country Belgium Gender Female Year 2009. Web.


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The Sion strain of long distance racing pigeons holds a hallowed place in the merit list of the world's greatest families of the thoroughbreds of the sky. And like much that is good in Europe, he came from the culture of France. Paul Sion, from Tourcoing France, its originator, started in the sport in 1895 and, in due course, set his mark. That is right, as a six year old flyer, "Tee" won 4th International Barcelona, the Golden Wing Award of Belgium and was declared the greatest distance racer of the 5 year period, 1978 - 1982. Or, let us consider Van der Wegen's 8310766-83 "De 66"; "De 66 Barcelona" flew Barcelona for six straight years as follows: 1985 - 545th ~ 17,060p.


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